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Instructor-Led Corporate Power BI Training

Your Team Will Become Power BI Pros AND Better Data Analysts

Our Teaching Approach:

  • We Come To You (Any US Location) Or Online
  • Practical skills you can apply to your business
  • Applicable business questions and frameworks
  • Instructor-led training
  • Hands-on learning
  • Capstone project included in course
Power BI

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Companies we have trained

Join our family of many Fortune 1000 companies and local businesses who use DataCrunch to level up the skills
of their existing team members

Power BI

Online And Location-Based Instructor-Led Power BI Courses

Practical Hands-On Learning That Can Actually Be Applied To Make Better Business Decisions And Reach KPI’s.

Our Power BI courses include…

years of learning and expertise not only in Power BI, but as data analysts, consolidated into a 2 day course full of practical examples, hands-on learning, and versatile formulas.

Most people just teach features…

but with Data Crunch your team will learn more than just how to use Power BI, they will learn how to apply what is learned to be a better data analyst.

Power BI

Customizable Courses to Fit Your Data

Power BI

Want your team trained on YOUR data?

At Data Crunch we offer completely customizable courses using your data. Other firms may tweak an outline, but we are willing to take data you supply in advance of the course and build a course around that. This makes it even easier for your team to understand and apply what they learn because they’re already familiar with their data – no mental gymnastics having to translate it back.

What‘s our goal?

Our goal is to teach people how to be better data analysts, and Power BI as a tool is just an extension. Our instructor-led Power BI courses will teach your team how to find insights in your own data, faster, so that people can make better business decisions. All the features of the product we teach are based on real-world experience to help you get to insights and share insights as quickly as possible.

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Which Power BI Course is Right for Your Team?

Power BI

Beginner’s Power BI

This Beginner’s Power BI course is designed to give new and prospective Power BI users the skillset and experience necessary to create Power BI data models, reports, and dashboards. During this class students will connect to a data source, transform data, organize a data model, create measures to summarize their data, and express their data using Power BI visualizations. This course can be taught over a 2-day period.

By the end of this course students will learn:

  • How to consume a finished Power BI report and dashboard
  • How to import, manipulate, and transform data within the Power Query Editor tool
  • How to set up a Star Schema data model
  • How to create, format, and organize basic measures using DAX language
  • How to select and format visuals according to best practical and aesthetic practices
  • How to push a report to Power BI services and create a dashboard
Power BI

Intermediate Power BI

This Intermediate Power BI course is designed to give current and prospective Power BI users a distinguished and versatile skillset that will open up a higher caliber of reporting to them and their stakeholders.

Users will gain exposure to challenging projects where they will be tasked with integrating new problem-solving techniques and skillsets with the foundation built in the Beginner’s Power BI course.

Objectives of this Course:

  • Creating and consuming example Power BI data models in Excel
  • Creating island and bridge tables for reports
  • Writing advanced DAX measures to handle common KPI’s
  • Learning how to enhance performance of visuals and measures
  • Navigating Power BI community visuals
  • Create hypothetical what if scenarios in reports using parameters
  • Create real time data dashboard
  • Setting up data alerts
  • Sharing and Accessing data models in Power BI services
  • Learn how to schedule refresh of data
  • Exploring Formatting and Theme Options

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