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Build the Ultimate Analytics COE with Corporate Data Analytics Training


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trusted & proven results

Companies we have trained

Join our family of many Fortune 1000 companies and local businesses who use Data Crunch to level up the skills of their existing team members

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Help Your Team be Better Data
Analysts and Present Insights
that Lead to Action

The impact of an excellent person far outpaces
the impact of an average employee. Help your
entire team be excellent and drive results faster.

Now more than ever before…

It’s difficult to find well-qualified and skilled talent who meets all your criteria. Ace teams tend to be good at many things at once:

  • They can understand business needs
  • Source the needed data
  • Clean data and process it
  • Automate data and build robust data pipelines
  • Work with cloud databases and tools
  • Do meaningful analysis that ties to business outcomes
  • Build well-designed dashboards
  • Build predictive or machine learning models accurately and quickly
  • Make recommendations
  • Communicate and present to leadership or other stakeholders

It’s very difficult…

to get all of this in one person. In fact, it’s often difficult to find more than a few of these in one person. But, these skills can be trained. And with the right training and coaches, you get your center of excellence to operate like a highly-skilled special ops team, which is what a center of excellence is supposed to do.

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Whether you are looking to train new employees or upskilling your current data analysts…

The training you choose can have a drastic impact on the future success of your business.


Our focus is insights, first and foremost

We help teams become better, smarter, faster data analysts. Tools like Tableau or Power BI are just that. Excellent tools that help you get there. But, the skill set of how to be a more effective analyst is built into every one of our BI courses.


Based on real-world experience

All the product features we teach are based on real-world experience to help you get to insights and share insights as quickly as possible. Our hands-on and practical courses will teach your team how to find insights in data faster, so that people can make better business decisions.

We’ve got you covered

Ready to scale your performance
and impact even further?

If you are looking for a course where your team can learn how to master
tools such as Tableau or Power BI AND learn practical data analytics
skills that they can actually apply to drive your business forward, then
you’ve come to the right place.


Power BI

Beginner’s Power BI

Beginners Power BI image

This Beginner’s Power BI Course is designed to give new and prospective Power BI users the skillset and experience necessary to create Power BI data models, reports, and dashboards. During this class students will connect to a data source, transform data, organize a data model, create measures to summarize their data, and express their data using Power BI visualizations.

At the end of this course, attendees will have a playbook for tackling a full end-to-end Power BI project. This course can be taught over a 2-day period.

Intermediate Power BI

Intermediate Power BI

This Intermediate Power BI course is designed to give current and prospective Power BI users a distinguished and versatile skillset that will open up a higher caliber of reporting to them and their stakeholders.

Users will gain exposure to challenging projects where they will be tasked with integrating new problem-solving techniques and skillsets with the foundation built in the Beginner’s Power BI course



Tableau Beginner

Tableau Beginner

This is for students who are new to Tableau or who have limited experience with the software. Students will learn the fundamentals of then tool and how to use all the basic functionality to visualize their data.

Tableau Intermediate

Tableau Intermediate

This class is designed for someone who has moderate experience with Tableau and is ready to take basic skills to an advanced level.

This class will put more tools in your analytical toolbox, such as more complex calculations, more powerful interactivity, more complex chart types, and more ways to slice and dice your data to mine for critical insights.

Tableau Ninja (Advanced)

Tableau Intermediate 2

This intensive 3-day bootcamp is designed to turbocharge your Tableau skills and take your analytical ability and the insights you provide to the next level.

Tableau Prep


Tableau Prep This one-day hands-on course will teach you how to use Tableau Prep, Tableau’s data preparation, data cleansing, and ETL tool.

In this course, you will learn how to get your data in the right format for optimal efficiency while in Tableau itself.

Data Storytelling With Tableau


This is the course for you if you want to: Understand the difference between exploratory and explanatory analysis, distinguish between data visualization and data storytelling, learn the data storytelling process, learn which charts to use to appropriately analyze data for insights, build advanced charts for immediate insights, ask the right questions to impact business decisions, determine which metrics are important and…

Tableau Advanced 2-Day


This intensive 2-day bootcamp is designed to turbocharge your Tableau skills and take your analytical ability and the insights you provide to the next level.

This assumes you’re already very familiar with the Tableau interface and want to go beyond bar charts and learn a variety of advanced charts, when to use them and how…

Tableau For Advanced Dashboard Design


For the Tableau analyst comfortable building charts and dashboards ready to level-up their design. Learn tips and tricks for creating elegant, inviting, and user-friendly charts, infographics, and dashboards in Tableau.

This course also dives into creating and importing custom shapes, color palettes, charts, and templates for seamless consistency across an organization. In this 2-day course,…



Python For Data Prep


Students will learn the basics of python and data preparation. Topics include: Python basics, lists, dictionaries, loops, functions, packages and libraries, Pandas, NumPy, querying databases, data cleaning, filtering, joining, aggregations, and outputs.

Python For Data Science


This course is to teach the analytical mindset & programming skills relevant to data science. Students will continue to polish the basics of the Python programming language, along with a set of tools for data science in Python, including the Jupyter (IPython) Notebook, NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib and Scikit-learn. The course will utilize data from a…





This course is for students who are new to Alteryx or who have limited experience with the software. Students will learn the fundamentals of the Alteryx Designer interface and workflow settings. Through hands-on training students will be able to connect to, prepare, blend, parse, pivot, analyze, shape, and transform data.



Business Statistics In Excel


Solving Business Problems with Statistics training course teaches participants how to apply appropriate statistical procedures and models to answer business questions and, most importantly, effectively communicate impact to stakeholders.


Data Literacy

Data Literacy


Our Data Literacy course teaches participants how to effectively navigate data to ask the right questions and define the right metrics, with a focus on interpretation, context, and communication.


Data Storytelling

Data Storytelling


Data Crunch’s Data Storytelling course teaches participants how to effectively find and communicate insights in data, with a focus on context, design, communication, and automation.

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