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Curtis Seare and Ryan Nokes Had Seen Enough Analytical Devastation in Corporate America to Know Something Was Rotten in the State of Denmark.

So they teamed up to make the world better.

About Us

Trudging Through the Data Swamp for 12 Years Showed Them How to Fix Things.

It was a painful, bleak, and arduous journey. But through it they revolutionized analytics programs, took reporting times from months to minutes, and provided refreshingly accurate insights to leadership teams across dozens of industries.
But, more needed to be done.

They Spread the Word About a New Approach to Data that Actually Produced Insights

They spent their time training at Fortune 500 companies across the country, speaking at conferences and universities, and building one of the most respected and listened to data podcasts in the world.

About Us
About Us

The Humble Data Crunch Revolution Was Born

The Process

They codified their knowledge into a repeatable, effective, magnanimous process that could be taught, scaled, and suffused.

The People

And they surround themselves with brilliant people that were just as tenacious and bold about real analytics and insight as they were.

Get on the Insight Train With Data Crunch

A little more analytical than the midnight train to Georgia, and almost as harmonious.